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Arthum Ent., through its core values, aims at helping the local communities both on the artistic and ecological side.

In this respect, Arthum Ent. gives back a portion of its profits to non-profit organisations dedicated to helping individuals discover the art world as well as supporting artists to share their talent to the world.

Charity - Arthum Ent.

Music schools in Luxembourg

Arthum Ent. is collaborating with non-profit music schools in Luxembourg as from 2023 to promote art in Luxembourg for young generations.

Part of Arthum Ent.'s core values is the promotion of art in countries in which it establishes through its events as well as its daily activities.


Natur&ëmwelt 2024


Arthum Ent. is engaging with "Natur&ëmwelt" in Luxembourg donating part of its profits to help preserve and promote wildlife in Luxembourg. As part of Arthum Ent.'s core values of preserving harmony between all aspects of life.

Image by Mathew Schwartz


Women in Art

Arthum Ent.



Arthum Ent. develops the presence of women in the art world through organising events dedicated to the promotion of young women in their art to the world.

Events including rising women artists are put in place in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg as well as Belgium, Portugal and Switzerland promoting local talents in their own art.

To know more about the upcoming events organised by Arthum Ent., please see HERE

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