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Les Nuits de Marion


Here you'll be able to access tailored packages offered for specific events "Les Nuits de Marion" following their announcement dates

ESG 2024



Arthum Ent. in collaboration with Champagne Marion-Bosser & Las Maracas aims at providing sustainable events in line with ESG principles for its guests, planet and its selection of products and services


All our products are 100% recyclable and/or reusable

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GobeletCup 2024
BPA Free
Las Maracas Foodtruck 2024

Food is provided with sustainable resources in line with local quality standards by Las Maracas using no plastic for dishes

All our drinks are sourced locally with an emphasis on selecting Luxembourgish products


Made in Luxembourg 2024
Champagne Marion-Bosser 2024
Champagne Marion-Bosser 2024

Premier Cru Champagne Marion-Bosser is part of the
Haute Valeur Environnementale"
Label guaranteeing preservation of the environment in its production process and distribution cycle

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HVE Champagne


Champagne Marion-Bosser 2024
Champagne Marion-Bosser 2024
Las Maracas Foodtruck 2024
Vianden Castle 2024
Dussmann 2024
TicketSwap 2024
Demy Schandeler 2024
Heintz 2024
Carte Blanche 2024
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