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Les Nuits de Marion (LNDM)

Last updated on March 2024

These Conditions apply to the purchase of Event Products and/or Services by the Customer through all Official Sales Channels and the subsequent use of such Event Products and/or Services by the Event Visitor (all as defined below).


1.1 Agreement: the agreement between the Customer and the Official Sales Channel (as applicable) for the purchase of Event Products and/or Services. This Agreement consists of these Conditions, the purchase confirmation and any other provisions attached to or referred to in these Conditions, and/or the purchase confirmation and the general terms and conditions of See Tickets/Pre-Order.

1.2 Comfort Zone: means the couches dedicated to the Terrace of Vianden Castle for Event Visitors having purchased at least one bottle of Champagne Marion-Bosser (i.e. 75cl of Champagne Marion-Bosser Tradition or Champagne Marion-Bosser Rosé) available at the Event as priority beneficiaries of such amenities.

1.3 Conditions: the present general terms and conditions, including their annexes.

1.4 Consumer: the natural person not acting in the course of his or her commercial, business, craft or professional activity.

1.5 Customer, You, Your, Main Buyer: means the consumer, legal entity or de facto association that enters into the Agreement for the purchase of the Event Products and/or Services as provided herein.

1.6 Event: the 2024 edition of the 'Arthum Ent. Event', taking place at Mnt du Château, L-9408 Vianden, LUXEMBOURG on 8 JUNE 2024.

1.7 Event Organiser: Arthum Ent. (Gilles Debruyne) with registered office at Rue Léon Thyes 2, L-2636 Luxembourg, LUXEMBOURG and company number A43804, the organiser and producer of the Event.

1.8 Event Partner: means Ltd. provider of Ticket Shop on (Wix Events)

1.9 Event Products and/or Services: means the products and/or services relating to the Event, as offered to and purchased by the Customer through the Official Sales Channels including the Tickets and SHUTTLE Tickets.

1.10 Event Site: Vianden Castle - Mnt du Château, L-9408 Vianden, LUXEMBOURG - see Annex 1 for more details on entrance requirements and conditions to the Event Site.

1.11 Event Visitor: The natural person who visits the Event and thereto holds a valid Tickets in his/her name (as defined in this Agreement), and ultimately uses the Event Products and/or Services in accordance with the Agreement (such as, for example, the employees or customers of B2B customers or the natural persons who purchase Event Products and/or Services in their own name and for their own account). - See Annex 2 for house rules for Visitors on the Event Site.

1.12 Force Majeure: Any of the following circumstances which render the performance of obligations (other than payment obligations) under the Agreement and/or the Event impossible, impracticable or unsafe: natural disaster, unavoidable accident, fire, strike or other industrial action, war or threat of war, act of hostility towards the state, act of terrorism or threat thereof, riot or civil commotion, national emergency, promulgation, rule, order or act of any government or instrument of government, failure of technical facilities, epidemic (including a health epidemic), pandemic (including a health pandemic), interruption or significant delay or failure of technical facilities, or failure or significant delay of necessary transport services, or any other event or circumstance beyond the reasonable control of the Event Organiser, as applicable. Adverse weather conditions shall in principle not be considered a Force Majeure event, provided, however, that if such weather conditions are severe or threatening enough for a declaration by applicable governmental authorities that the conditions threaten public safety, such weather conditions shall be considered a Force Majeure event hereunder.

1.13 Gift voucher: means the prepaid financial instrument issued and sold by the Event Organiser with various specified face value that can be used towards the purchase of one or more Event Products and/or Services. Gift vouchers are subject to the specific conditions set out in Annex 5.

1.14 Official Sales Channel: Event Products and/or Services can only be purchased through the Event Organiser, Event Products and/ or Services offered through the Event Organiser are processed through See Tickets/Pre-Order, the service provider of the Event Organiser.

1.15 Parking: Parking dedicated for the Event situated at "Parking Château de Vianden 9408 Vianden".

1.16 SHUTTLE: Shuttle bus provided by Demy Schandeler s. à r. l. Luxembourg for the Event date 8 June 2024 - see FAQ section SHUTTLE for more details

1.17 SHUTTLE Tickets: Tickets that give You access to the SHUTTLE roundtrip seat to travel to the site of the Event on 8 June 2024.

1.18 Tickets: means the Tickets and the related Tickets (i.e. SHUTTLE ROUNDTRIP Ticket, Early Birds, 1st Release, 2nd Release, Final Release tickets)

1.19 See Tickets/Pre-Order: Ltd (Wix Events) operates an online platform for ticket sales and admission management and has been contracted by the Event Organiser as a supplier to make its platform available to the Event Organiser who may thus enter into an Agreement with the Customer for the sale of certain Event Products and Services as set out in this Agreement.

1.20 Arthum Ent. Event Bracelet: Event Visitors can only access the Event with a bracelet given at the entrance of the Event and after a validity check of the Customer's Ticket. If You have purchased a Ticket, Your Arthum Ent's Bracelet.


2.1 The Annexes form an integral part of these Conditions. The Customer is requested to accept these Conditions during the purchase process and at the latest when entering into an Agreement through the Official Sales Channels. You can always consult a recent version of the Conditions at; or on request from the Event's customer service department.

2.2 If You purchase Event Products and/or Services not only for yourself but also for others, we remind You that it is Your sole responsibility to inform those people of these Conditions and any other terms and conditions that may apply to Your purchase (including the terms and conditions mentioned in article 2.3 below), and to obtain their agreement to those terms and conditions prior to Your purchase. For the record, if and to the extent that a direct relationship should arise between the Event Organiser and the aforementioned persons in the context of the performance of the Agreement (for example, upon the purchase of Gift Vouchers), such person will be asked to read and accept the relevant Event Organiser terms and conditions.


3.1 No right of withdrawal

The right of withdrawal is expressly excluded. This means that You do not have a cooling-off period to revoke, cancel or return the purchase of Event Products and/or Services.

3.2 Age limit

The minimum age for entry to the Event is eighteen (18) years. No exception will be made to this rule even if the person is accompanied by a parent, guardian and/or other adult. The Event Organiser will deny entry to the Event if, for example, the identity check mentioned below shows that the Event Visitor has not reached the age limit conditions at the start of the Event.

3.3 Official Sales Channels  

3.3.1 Event Products and/or Services can only be purchased through the Official Sales Channels.

3.3.2 Tickets and SHUTTLE Tickets obtained by any other means (e.g. through another sales channel) will not be considered valid by the Event Organiser and the Event Organiser reserves the right to refuse the holder of such ticket access to the Event.

3.4 Arthum Ent. Event registration General

3.4.1 When purchasing Event Products and/or Services, You will be asked to read and accept the Event Organiser's terms and conditions.


3.4.2 As soon as the official sale of Event Products and/or Services starts, You may access the “See Tickets/Pre-Sales” tickets shop via the website The Event Organiser will operate a queuing system so that – to the extent possible – each person who gains access to the online ticket shop may actually purchase tickets.

3.4.3 The Event Organiser reserves the right to limit the time the Customer is in the online ticket shop in order to allow as many people as possible to purchase tickets. If the purchase is not completed within this time limit, the Customer will automatically be removed from the online ticket shop and rejoin the queue.

3.4.4 It is not permitted to resell or exchange Purchased Event Products and/or Services. The Event Organiser reserves the right to cancel Tickets in case it is established that these Tickets are offered for sale or were fraudulently purchased despite this being prohibited. The costs resulting from the cancellation shall be borne by the seller and the purchaser, respectively.

If the name on the Ticket differs from the name on the identification document of the Customer, the Event Organiser will always have the right to deny You access without the right to replacement of the Ticket, refund of the purchase price of the ticket or any other form of compensation.


3.4.3 Each Ticket of the Event is provided to You via an e-ticket and must be personalised by entering the name, email address and phone number of the Event Visitor. The Event Visitor may be Yourself or other people for whom You purchase tickets.

3.4.4 Unless otherwise stated by the Event Organiser, this personalisation of the Ticket must take place within the period specified in the ticket confirmation email sent to You. After this period, the personalisation is definitive and the personal data provided may no longer be changed. The Event Organiser reserves the right to cancel the sale of Tickets for the Event for which personalisation has not taken place within the relevant period.

3.4.5 If You purchase a Ticket of the Event not only for Yourself but also for others (Your "Guests"), it shall be Your sole responsibility to obtain - to the extent required by law - the consent of such persons to transmit their personal data to the Event Organiser in the context of the personalisation of such ticket, as stated herein. The provisions of Article 2.2. shall apply accordingly.

3.5 Arthum Ent. Event Bracelet

3.5.1 Only Event Visitors in possession of a valid Tickets and corresponding ID can collect their Arthum Ent. Event Bracelet. The Event Organiser will provide You with a Arthum Ent. Event Bracelet at the entrance to the Event.

3.5.2 One Arthum Ent. Event Bracelet is only valid for access of one single person on the day for which the Ticket was purchased.

3.5.3 The Event Visitor must always be in possession of the Arthum Ent. Event Bracelet.

3.6 Entry to the Event and identity check

3.6.1 Only a legitimate and registered Arthum Ent. Event Tickets can grant the Event Visitor a Bracelet which will give the access to the Event site.

3.6.2 The Event Organiser reserves the right to check (or have checked by designated representatives) the identity of anyone entering the Event Site. If one cannot be identified or if the name on the Arthum Ent. Event tickets does not match the identity of the person entering as stated on the identity document, the person concerned will be refused entry to the Event site. A valid proof of identity can be a valid identity card, passport or driving licence. The name on the identity document must be the same as the name on which the Arthum Ent. Event Ticket registered. Copies of identity documents will not be accepted.

3.6.3 A denied admission under clause 3.6.2 does not entitle anyone to a refund.

3.6.4 For security reasons, We maintain an IN = IN, OUT = OUT policy for Day tickets. It is not allowed to leave and re-enter the Event Site on the same day by using your Arthum Ent. Event Bracelet and/or Ticket. Exceptions may apply only through inspection with Event's dedicated personnel to the condition the Arthum Ent. Event Bracelet is not removed or altered in anyway. Event Organiser still retains the right to deny entry to Event Visitors in any case (withstanding the aforementioned conditions).

Loss or theft of your Arthum Ent. Event Bracelet

3.6.6 You are solely responsible for loss or theft of Your Arthum Ent. Event Bracelet after receipt from the Event Organiser (in accordance with the provisions of these Conditions).

3.6.7 In case of loss or theft, pursuant to articles 3.6.6, the Event Organiser is never obliged to provide You with a new Arthum Ent. Event Bracelet. Nor can a refund be demanded.


4.1 For purchases from the Event Organiser (via the See Tickets platform), cancellations and refunds can only be processed as provided here.

4.2 For purchases from a Event Partner, the cancellation and refund policy is governed solely by the Event Partner's terms and conditions. The Event Organiser bears no liability whatsoever.


5.1 Liability of the Customer and Event Visitor

Refusal of access

5.1.1 Those who fail to comply with these Conditions will be immediately refused entry to or removed from the Event Site. No refunds will be made unless otherwise agreed here.

5.1.2 The Event Organiser reserves the right to refuse entry to multiple editions of the Event and/or other events organised by the Event Organiser and its affiliates, depending on the nature of non- compliance with these Conditions (e.g. if you sell drugs at the Event).


The Event Organiser reserves the right to prosecute any holder of forged Tickets relating to the Event and Arthum Ent. Event Bracelets and any person who fails to comply with these Conditions.

5.2 Liability of the Event Organiser Direct damage

5.2.1 The Event Organiser shall only be liable for damage directly and exclusively resulting from an error by the Event Organiser. Excluded from compensation are (i) damages and losses caused by Force Majeure, (ii) consequential damages and (iii) damages caused by misconduct, recklessness or serious fault by the damaged party.

5.2.2 The Event Organiser is not liable for damages, theft or any accidents to vehicles or persons in the Event's official SHUTTLE/Parking. Such SHUTTLE/Parking is always used at your own risk.

Force majeure

5.2.3 The Event Organiser may only cancel or postpone the Event in case of Force Majeure or if the Event Organiser has another demonstrable compelling reason to cancel or postpone the Event. You shall in such case be entitled to compensation in respect of the purchased Event Products and/or Services in accordance with applicable law, but shall not be entitled to compensation for any other damages (direct or indirect).


6.1 See Tickets platform

6.1.1 Event Products and Services can be purchased directly from the Event Organiser, via the website and via the See Tickets platform. A purchase can only be processed after the purchase price has been paid in full).

6.1.2 The Event Organiser's Conditions and privacy policy and See Tickets' terms and conditions and privacy policy are made available in full text and must be accepted before a purchase can be made.

6.2 Products and/or services purchased on Event Site are governed by a "Cashless" policy - see Annex 3


7.1 When You purchase Event Products and/or Services through a Event Partner, the Event Partner (and not the Event Organiser) is Your contracting party. You enter into an agreement with them and are subject to their own terms and conditions of purchase, as well as to these Conditions. In case of conflict or ambiguity, the terms from the agreement between You and the Event Partner take precedence over these Conditions.

7.2 It is the sole responsibility of the Event Partner to provide You with a copy of the applicable terms and conditions during the purchase process and no later than at the conclusion of the agreement with You. In this context, the Event Organiser is released from any contractual liability to You.

7.3 For purchases from a Event Partner, the cancellation and refund policy is governed solely by the Event Partner's general terms and conditions. The Event Organiser bears no liability whatsoever.


8.1 When purchasing and/or using Event Products and/or Services, personal data will be processed in accordance with the Event Organiser's General Terms & Conditions policy, as available at

8.2 When purchasing through Event Partner, You are subject to the privacy policy of that party. The Event Organiser has no control over the information

You enter there and how it is processed and is in no way responsible for it. It is Your responsibility to use this thoughtfully and read the privacy policies of these third parties carefully before accepting them.


9.1 These Conditions are governed exclusively by Luxembourgish law, to the exclusion of the rules of international private law.

9.2 All disputes shall be settled by the competent court in Luxembourg, to the exclusion of all other courts. However, the Event Organiser reserves the right to file a claim with the court that would be competent under the legal jurisdiction rules.

9.3 The Event Organiser hereby informs You of the existence of the European Union's 'Online Dispute Resolution' platform. In the event of a dispute, the Event visitor may request an out-of-court dispute resolution request at http:// .


10.1 If any provision of these Conditions, or any part thereof, is or is declared invalid or unenforceable, the remaining provisions of these Conditions or the remainder of that provision shall remain in full force and effect and such provision shall be automatically replaced (by operation of law) by a valid provision that is as close as possible to the invalid provision.

Annex 1: Access to the Event. Event opening hours

1.1 The opening hours of the Event are as follows (subject to change):

Saturday 08 June 2024: 19:00 - 01:00 UTC+1

1.2 The line-up of artists determines the accessibility of the number of stages and the opening hours of each stage. Outside a stage's opening hours, the stage area is not accessible to the public.

1.3 With a validated Arthum Ent. Event Bracelet, the Event Visitor can check-in on Saturday until 21:00; after 21:00 (UTC+1) it is no longer possible to enter the Event Site.

The Event Organiser reserves the right to refuse entry to Event Visitors who arrive on Saturday after 9pm, even if the Event visitor holds a valid Event entry Ticket.

1.4 Comfort zone

Only visitors having purchased a bottle of Champagne Marion-Bosser (i.e. 75cl of Champagne Marion-Bosser Tradition or Champagne Marion-Bosser Rosé) during the Event have priority to the Comfort Zone. Visitors not having fulfilled this condition may be asked to leave the amenities set up as Comfort Zone.

2. Event program

2.1 The Event Organiser may, for compelling reasons (e.g. weather conditions, security, artist cancellations), be required to change or modify the Event programme and to close Event stages. In this case, the Event entry ticket will remain valid and no entry tickets will be refunded or exchanged (in whole or in part).

Annex 2: Arthum Ent. Event 2023 house rules

Arthum Ent. Event aims to be a safe place, where everyone feels welcome and comfortable, where no one faces discrimination or harassment. We wish that everyone, regardless of gender, orientation, culture, religion, ethnicity or disabilities, can be themselves, feel safe and be treated respectfully at the Event. To achieve this, we expect all visitors to behave responsibly, and the following house rules apply to all visitors of Arthum Ent. Event 2023 (the 'House Rules').

The House Rules are an integral part of the Conditions and are also posted at the entrance of the Event - see FAQ

The House Rules are always implemented in accordance with locally applicable rules and regulations.

1. Tickets and Bracelets

Tickets for the Event and/or Arthum Ent. Event Bracelets are in principle non- refundable or - exchangeable.

In case of loss or theft of Event tickets and/or Arthum Ent. Event Bracelets, these will not be replaced or refunded.

Persons under 18 will not be admitted, even if accompanied by a parent, guardian and/or other adolescents.

The Event Organiser and/or the official ticket vendor reserve(s) the right to check the identity of the Event Visitor when checking the ticket and/or the Arthum Ent. Event Bracelet. If you are unable to present a valid identification document, security is authorised to refuse you access to the Event. The following are considered valid identification documents: identity card, passport or driving licence. Copies will not be accepted. If you are caught with a false identity document, this will be considered identity fraud and you will be refused entry to the Event. You will also face criminal charges.

Tickets for the Event and/or Arthum Ent. Event Bracelets may not be used for commercial or promotional purposes without prior permission from the Event Organiser.

Tickets for the Event and/or Arthum Ent. Event Bracelets may not be resold without the express and written consent of the Event Organiser or official ticket seller. Tickets for the Event that are resold without this express and written consent of the Event Organiser and/or official ticket vendor shall not entitle you to enter the Event. The Event Organiser and/or official ticket vendor also reserve(s) the right to cancel tickets for the Event as soon as it is established that tickets for the Event have been offered for sale despite this prohibition. The costs resulting from such cancellation shall be recovered from the buyer.

Changes in the line-up will not result in a full or even partial refund of the Tickets or SHUTTLE Tickets for the Event.

Visitors may not enter areas to which their Arthum Ent. Event Bracelet does not grant access (e.g. comfort zone, stages, etc.).

2. Access control

Access control is based on applicable legislation, aimed at detecting weapons and dangerous objects. Should these items be present on the Event Site, they could have a negative impact on the smooth running of the event or endanger the safety of visitors.

Entry to the Event site may be refused and visitors may be removed from the Event Site (without entitlement to a refund of the entry fee) if, in the opinion of the Event Organiser or its representatives, a visitor is or could reasonably constitute a danger to himself and/or others visitors, in particular if the visitor: (the following list is not exhaustive):

- is under the influence of alcohol or drugs; is in possession of drugs or dealing drugs;

- had previously been refused entry to other events/meetings by the Event Organiser or other authorities;

- displays behaviour or wears clothing clearly aimed at disturbing the peace, provoking or inciting violence, hatred, anger, xenophobia, racial hatred, etc;

- endanger the lives of other visitors;
- is in possession of prohibited items;
- refuses to be searched by authorised security personnel; refuses or fails to comply with the Conditions.

3. Security check

Entry to the Event Site implies acceptance of all prevention and control measures taken by the Event Organiser or security team, including the search of persons and bags.

Anyone wishing to enter the Event Site may be searched by authorised security personnel before gaining access to the Event Site, always in accordance with local applicable laws and regulations.

Authorised security personnel may ask people of the same sex to be searched and/ or have their clothes and luggage searched to intercept prohibited items as set out in the House Rules (as incorporated herein). If prohibited items are found, security personnel have the right to confiscate them and refuse their owner access to the Event. In case of such confiscation or refusal, no refund will be made.

Everyone present on the Event Site must at all times comply with the instructions and guidelines of the Event Organiser or his authorised representatives on the Event Site, in order to ensure public order and safety during the Event.

For security reasons, the Event Organiser reserves the right:
- to pause or stop the Event;
- to prevent visitors from leaving the Event Site until further notice;
- to ask visitors to leave the Event Site;
- to refuse visitors access to the Event, even if they are in possession of a valid Ticket.

Visitors to Arthum Ent. Event are not allowed:

- to enter zones to which their Arthum Ent. Event Bracelet does not grant access (Comfort zone, etc.);

- to sell food, drinks or other products without the express permission of the Event Organiser;

- throwing or shooting objects in solid, liquid or gas form;

- to smoke in places where smoking is prohibited, especially in tents, buildings and other indoor venues;

- to urinate in public, except in places provided for that purpose; to wear full face masks (masks, morph suites, etc.);

- to park a vehicle without official permission from the Event Organiser. Cars may be towed away at the owner/user's expense;

- to take down, tear down or destroy decorations;

- to steal decorations or other material owned by the Event Organiser, its employees and/or its suppliers;

- to make open fire;

- to do crowd surfing or stage diving;

- to climb on tents, structures, fences, light bridges, benches or other structures on the Event Site; to block entrances, exits and emergency exits;

- to disguise themselves so as to be unrecognisable with the intention of disturbing the peace or endangering the safety of other Visitors;

- to be involved in in any criminal offences including any sexual offences;

- to wear texts, symbols, objects, clothing and/or other (visible) external expressions that explicitly refer to a political, social movement or group. Anything indicating discrimination, incitement or racism is strictly prohibited.

3. Prohibited items

The following items are prohibited on the Event Site

- bring your own food and drinks to the Event Site; drugs or other illegal mind-altering substances; deodorant or perfume in packages of more than 100 ml;

- other objects (camera tripods, professional camera material, etc.) that security personnel decide pose a risk to other Event visitors;

- projectiles or explosives in solid, liquid or gas form;
- flammable products or materials and aerosols;
- pyrotechnic articles (fireworks, flares, etc.);
- other weapons or sharp, pointed objects (umbrellas, sticks, chains, knives, etc.);

- banners or objects with discriminatory and/or provocative texts or expressions that may be used to disturb the peace, or that may endanger the safety of the crowd and/or cause injury or damage to persons and property;

- animals (except guide dogs for the vision impaired people);

- drones;

- any other objects that the Event Organiser or its representatives deem dangerous to the organisation and passage of the Event and/or other visitors.


However, the following items are allowed on the Event Site:

- guide dogs for visually impaired people;

- disposable or pocket cameras;

- pinless retractable umbrellas (not parasols);

- plastic sheeting and blankets to lie/sit on;

- sunscreen, cosmetics, deodorant in packs of up to 100 ml;

- refreshers / atomisers, small backpacks or other bags.

- selfie sticks that are less than 1 m long when extended and are intended for photography only.


It is forbidden to make open fires.


To preserve the safety of the Event and other visitors, do not disguise yourself unrecognisably.


The directives and instructions of the (security) staff should always be followed immediately. In case of suspicion or actual possession of illegal or dangerous products, security personnel have the right to stop and search the person concerned.

4. Drug policy = zero tolerance

Arthum Ent. Event has an absolute zero tolerance policy on drugs. It is forbidden to carry and/or use drugs on the Event Site. If you are caught doing so, you will be removed from the Event Site. This policy is strictly enforced and in any event means that the case will be handed over to the police. All Visitors will be allowed to deposit drugs in special drug barrels without any (legal) consequences before entering the Event Site.

It is forbidden to deal drugs on the Event Site. If such a violation is uncovered, you will be removed from the Event Site and handed over to the police.

If a visitor is prescribed certain medication for health reasons, he/she must present a valid medical certificate before being allowed to bring that specific medication onto the Event Site.

5. The Event site - damage to materials

All visitors are requested to do their bit to keep the surroundings as clean as possible. On the Event Site and the Parking, it is clearly marked where you can leave your wastes. Please make use of this.

Tearing off, breaking or any other form of destruction to the material of the Event Organiser or its suppliers, including theft, will result in removal from the Event. Entry will be denied for the remainder of the Event and may be denied for subsequent years.

Visitors are not allowed to climb on structures, fences, light bridges, benches or other amenities on the Event site including any property of Vianden Castle in its entirety.

Excluded from compensation are (i) damages and losses caused by Force Majeure, (ii) consequential damages and (iii) damages caused by misconduct, recklessness or serious fault by the damaged party (i.e. crossing physical delimitations or climbing walls for instance).

6. Photographs and video recordings - camera surveillance

Photo and video recordings will be made during the Event. There is a good chance that you will be filmed. By entering the Event Site, you agree to the processing of these images by the Event Organiser. and its partners.

Camera surveillance at the Event will be carried out in accordance with local legislation. These recordings will only be used for security purposes during the Event and will not be passed on to third parties, except to the competent authority upon receipt of a formal request.

The Event Organiser and/or the official ticket vendor reserve(s) the right to verify the identity of visitors.

7. Toilets

Use of toilets is free of charge at the Event. It is strictly forbidden to urinate in public, except in the places provided for that purpose. If you are caught urinating in public, you risk being removed from the Event Site. It is forbidden to deteriorate in anyway the toilets, in line with the Venue Site in its whole including its amenities under penalty of reimbursement of the value of such property deteriorated plus its cost of repair and any costs related to replacement of such property, if any.

9. Smoke

Smoking is prohibited in indoor areas (such as indoor of Vianden Castle).

10. Promotion

It is forbidden to distribute flyers or put-up posters during the Event.

11. Safety on Event Site - Prohibited actions

Crowd surfing and stage diving are prohibited at the Event. Expulsion from the Event Site when this rule is not observed is the logical consequence.

Visitors to the Event should not block any entrances, exits and emergency exits.

Visitors are prohibited from crossing security boundaries (chains, lines of chairs, fences, fences on walls at Terrace, chains at Galerie Monumentale set by Event Organiser in any case. Event Organiser is levied from its responsibilities towards Visitor who would cross, at his own risks, such boundaries at the Event Site.

12. Loss or damage

The artists and the Event Organiser cannot be held liable for damage, loss or theft, nor for any other accident.

13. Force majeure

The Event Organiser may be forced to close stages due to weather conditions or other force majeure events. This will not result in a partial or full refund.

14. Parking

Parking is available near the Event Site. During the sale, you can also buy a SHUTTLE Ticket that allows you to travel to the Event Site for a roundtrip. It is not possible to reserve a specific car parking space.

The Visitor expressly agrees to indemnify the Event Organiser against any liability for damages caused to, theft of or other accidents involving vehicles or persons in the official parking lots of the Event.

15. Disability

Visitors with disabilities can use the reserved car park upon presentation of a blue parking card. Please notify us in advance if you wish to use this car park, by sending an e-mail to :

Annex 3: Cashless payments

Arthum Ent. Event 2024 is a cashless Event.

1. Cashless - general

1.1 "Cashless payments" is the payment method used at the Event. The Event Organiser reserves the right to allow other payment methods, such as cash payments and/or payments via other electronic devices.

2. Cashless - transaction disputes

2.1 All disputes relating to Cashless payments must be reported immediately to

2.2 The Event Organiser cannot be held liable for theft or loss of the payment cards or any Visitor's belongings.

Annex 4: Business Packages

1. General

1.1 Business Packages are the B2B Packages offered for sale under this name through the Official Sales Channels (if any) and are to be distinguished from the Tickets sold to Customer. Business Packages can only be purchased by a legal entity with a valid VAT number (the 'Company'). A Business Package includes non- personalised admission tickets to the Event and grants access to the Event and the dedicated B2B areas across the entire Event grounds.

1.2 Loss or theft of the Ticket is the responsibility of the Company that bought the ticket and does not give right to a refund.

1.3 The Company is required to complete a Business Package application to purchase B2B tickets. A purchase must always be approved by the Event Organiser.

2. Payment

2.1 If the Company's application for a Business Package is approved by the Event Organiser, the Company will receive a pro forma invoice with payment instructions. Payment must be received by the Event Organiser no later than seven (7) days after sending this pro forma invoice to the Company.

2.2 In case of late payment, the provisions of the Belgian Act on Late Payment in Commercial Transactions shall apply.

2.3 All prices are inclusive of 17% VAT. All VAT and taxes are payable by the Company.

2.4 The Event Organiser reserves the right to cancel the order in question in the event of late payment. In such a case, the Event Organiser shall be entitled to charge a handling fee of 10% of the price of the Business Packages ordered.

3. House rules

To ensure that all visitors to the B2B Zone have the best possible experience, bare body parts will not be tolerated. The foregoing is without prejudice to the Event House Rules as set out in Annex 2.

Annex 5: Gift vouchers

1. General

1.1 Gift vouchers are available for purchase directly from the Event Organiser (via the See Tickets platform).

1.2 Gift vouchers cannot be resold by third parties or for commercial gain.

1.3 Gift vouchers cannot be returned or exchanged for cash.

1.4 Gift vouchers are non-refundable; however, a 14-day grace period will apply from the date of purchase should the purchaser change their mind, in which case a full refund will be given, provided that the gift voucher has not been redeemed in part or in full.

1.5 Gift vouchers are valid only for the next edition of the Event from the date of issue. The Event Organiser may consider (at its absolute discretion) an extension to the expiry date of a Gift voucher on a case-by-case basis where there are extenuating circumstances to justify such extension being appropriate and fair.

1.6 Gift vouchers that are lost, stolen, destroyed or expired cannot be replaced.
1.7 Gift vouchers may be exchanged wholly or partly for Tickets of the Event or products of the 
Event Partner Ticket store (

1.8 Gift Vouchers can be used for full or part payment. Any unused amount will remain attached to the original gift voucher code for use on future transactions. Please email the Office ( to confirm the current balance of any Gift Voucher.

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